Twitter has announced a few new features today for its extremely popular service. Beginning Tuesday, users will be able to send group messages and shoot video directly from its mobile app.

Twitter hopes these added abilities will increase user engagement and keep people around their timelines and DMs for longer. In terms of interactions, Twitter trails Facebook and Instagram according to different trackers, so the move makes sense.

Group messaging will turn Twitter more into a messaging app than it already has been with its direct messaging features. A group can be initiated by any user, who will then be able to invite anyone that follows them into it. This will allow conversations between people that may not know each other, but do have a common follow or friend.

Group DMs will be available through Twitter for Android, and iPhone, as well, and Tweetdeck. There’s no word on when or if third party developers will get an API for Group DMs to incorporate into their apps though.

Aside from Group DMs, Twitter also announced a new video feature for its iPhone and Android apps.

Much like with Instagram, and Vine, Twitter users will be able to access their camera directly from the app, and record clips of up to 30 seconds, edit them, and upload them with ease.

For now, only iPhone users will be able to upload and edit videos from the camera roll, but Twitter is expecting to release this feature for Android devices soon as well.

There’s no word yet on these features coming to BlackBerry or Windows, but we expect them to be made available down the line at some point.