Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones version 3.2 is available now on BlackBerry App World. Version 3.2 allows you to discover friends and content quicker with new, easy-to-use feature enhancements.

 The new Twitter for BlackBerry version 3.2 includes:

  • Enhanced Tweet Screen – Twitter 3.2 gives you a quick preview of a tweet link or photo through an enhanced tweet details screen, helping you decide if you want to click for more detail. Previews capture content such as headlines, quick summary snippets as well as publisher and author details. It’s a convenient and easy way to get the gist before clicking for more detail.
  • Finding Friends Button – Check out if any of your BlackBerry contacts have recently joined Twitter by clicking the “Find Friends” button on the Welcome Screen or Profile Page. Twitter works with your BlackBerry address book and offers suggestions on people you should follow. Discovering friends has never been easier and faster.
  • Quick Follow Button – Twitter 3.2 makes it easier and faster to follow users in one click. Skip the step of clicking on profiles to follow users. Instead, simply click the Follow button and get access to more users and content. It’s that easy.

You should see the update push to your device within 24hrs. Alternatively, you can download it now from App World here.