Twitter has taken a smart step towards making their Android client better. Joaquim Verges, developer of one of the best Twitter clients for Android, Falcon Pro, has announced on Twitter that he will be joining Twitter’s Android core UI team.

Verges made the announcement in a series of tweets where he said he was happy to be able to finally work on a client without the limitations of the API. He also mentioned support for Falcon Pro will continue as he will probably be testing out features on there first, so if you bought the app don’t worry, your money won’t be wasted.


It isn’t a secret that Twitter’s official client is nowhere near third party clients in terms of features and UI. Some even get official features before the official client does. Falcon Pro’s UI not only looks great, but works. It’s easy, it’s comfortable, it’s everything the official isn’t but we hope that now that Verges will be working with them, we might see some big improvements.