During today’s Q2 earnings, Twitter’s interim CEO Jack Dorsey was brutally honest about the company’s shortcomings, and added they’re even considering changing the way our tweets are displayed on the timelines in the future. “You will see us continue to question the reverse chronological timeline,” Dorsey said.

Right now, Twitter displays the latest tweet on the top of a user’s timeline. When a user has been idle or offline for a while, it can be a bit cumbersome to read old tweets as the user has to scroll all the way to the bottom and look for where they left off to then scroll up and read the tweets they missed.


Dorsey added during the call that their”goal is to show more meaningful tweets and conversations.” Those goals include more active engagement, not only monthly, but daily. “If we meet these expectations, Twitter will become the first thing people check every morning to start their day.”

Twitter has already began testing what this could look like with its “While You Were Away” initiative. Users that have been off Twitter on mobile for an extended period of time (like while you’re sleeping) will see a list of the most relevant tweets that were sent out during this period. Right now, users can dismiss this feature and go back to the regular timeline, but maybe in the future this type of relevant content will be added in a permanent way at different times or during specific events.