Twitter for BlackBerry 10 has received a pretty good update this afternoon. The new 10.3 version is slowly rolling out in BlackBerry World, and contains some pretty cool new features and enhancements that Twitter lovers will surely enjoy.

What’s new in Twitter v10.3 for BlackBerry 10:

  • Draft Tweet support so you can save that spur-of-the-moment thought for later if you get distracted.
  • Swipeable Timeline to ‘Activity’ and ‘Discover’ tabs for quicker access to content.
  • Multiple photo enhancements – Photos In Direct Message, toggle pictures on/off in the home timeline, and retake picture option in case that magic moment was less than perfect.
  • Age gating – updating with a tool to verify a fellow user’s age when following accounts that require age gating.

According to the Inside BlackBerry blog, “this release also features performance improvements to help you access your content faster.” The new version should be available within the next 24 hours, so if you want to check out if you got it already, hit the link below!

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 1.12.39 PM