Twittly, an excellent and new Twitter app, for BlackBerry 10 has just been updated. Developer, NemOry, has been working dilligently to make one of the best Twitter apps.

The Twittly beta has recently been updated to version 0.2.900 in Beta Zone. Here’s what’s new:

  • Hides JSON code when logging in
  • Option for amount of tweets to cache
  • Cleared default values in profle causing NemOry’s datas to show for some profile
  • Fixed Passport image active frame
  • Added toggle bars visibility option in quick pinch gesture actions
  • Option to hide bars (top tabs and action drawer)
  • Fixed loading correct followers and followings
  • Fixed profile not opening sometimes
  • Faster home timeline streaming
  • When streaming is enabled, loads cache + loads latest tweets then connects to stream
  • Ability to save tweets for offline reading

You can get the new Twittly beta version now. Download the Beta Zone app from BlackBerry World and look to join in.