Twittly, which touts itself as the most feature packed Twitter application available, has finally departed Beta Zone and is now officially available for download in BlackBerry World.

It’s easy to understand why they would make that claim, as there are literally dozens of features available for this app. It’s been in beta for a few months with all the kinks getting ironed out, and now that it’s official, you can download it for free from BlackBerry World.

Check out a tiny portion of some of the features of Twittly.

  • Super Beautiful User Interface,User Experience, User Friendly & Faster Network Response
  • Compose from the BlackBerry Hub
  • Set / Change In App Wallpaper
  • Full BlackBerry Passport Support (UI + Touch Sensitive Keyboard)
  • Super Advanced Compose Page with complete Emojis & Emoticons
  • Ability to attach Videos, Photos, Voice Notes and Location
  • Snap2Chat Photo Editor Integration
  • DropBox Integration
  • Ability to Merge Timlines from Multiple Accounts
  • Supports Full Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Online Wallpaper Store

That’s just a snippet of the things you can do with Twittly. Find out more information at Nemory’s blog. Or you can visit the official website.

Twittly for BlackBerry 10 is available for free in BlackBerry World.