Ryan Seacrest-backed Typo went back to the drawing board after BlackBerry sued the company to prevent them from hijacking their iconic keyboard design. The lawsuit remains pending, but in the interim, BlackBerry was granted an injunction to block sales of the original Typo keyboard. 

Typo 2 has since been released for the iPhone 6 and acts in similar fashion to its predecessor. However, this time Typo says the keyboard was modeled after iOS’ software keyboard.

Typo CEO Laurence Hallier says he doesn’t believe their core base of users will mind that the Apple iPhone 6’s Touch ID is inaccessible with the Typo keyboard. 

Hallier also said they’re working on “a completely different take on a keyboard for the iPad.” The Typo2 for iPhone 6 can be purchased from Typo’s official website for $99, with an iPhone 5/5s version also available for $79.

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