On the third day of 2014, BlackBerry filed a lawsuit against Typo Products from infringing on their iconic keyboard design. Three weeks later, BlackBerry moved to have sales of Typo’s keyboard stop altogether.  Well today, Typo’s going on the offensive.  They submitted a 26-page argument to a California court late Wednesday which makes them sound like they are doing absolutely nothing wrong.

“BlackBerry seeks a monopoly on keyboards for any device. Regretfully, however, small keyboards with nearly identical layouts as the one ‘claimed’ by BlackBerry have been around since the mid-1980s,” Typo said in this filing.

While physical keyboards have been around for decades, this particular style of keyboard has only been around since BlackBerry made them popular with the Bold 9000. The frets, the angled keys; etc.

Typo also said BlackBerry’s patent claims are invalid because it won’t lose anything or suffer serious harm because its products aren’t selling that well anyway. Ouch. Typo believes they’re targeting consumers, while BlackBerry is focused on enterprise instead.

We’ll see how the suit pans out, but it is definitely getting hot in the courtroom!