UberSocial has been a long time favorite Twitter app for BlackBerry users, and they do a great job in keeping them interested and in love with the app so, today, they released version 1.20 including some new features and many bug fixes, including the new “Inner circle” which lets you create a separate timeline with those users who you are most interested in. Check out the full change log after the break!

Download UberSocial for BlackBerry version 1.20 >>

  • The Inner Circle – Users have asked us how best to manage their busy timelines and we believe this feature will greatly assist in this. The Inner Circle allows you to elevate the most important users you follow to an exclusive timeline. You can set separate notifications on tweets/replies/DMs from anyone in the Inner Circle as well as separate icon notifications.
  • DealBox – This new feature will allow you to get offers on the best deals near you and customized for you. A small, passive notification will appear in the top right of the title bar to let you know if there are any new deals available. For users that have subscriptions, we have turned this feature off by default, but you can turn it on if you choose in the options screen.
  • Support for Twitter’s new authentication mechanism for third-party clients – When you first install UberSocial you will be asked to go through the login process again, this is required in order to maintain compliance with Twitter’s access mechanism.
  • Support for photos sent with Twitter’s new photo service
  • Enhanced image viewing – For users on BlackBerry OS 5 and 6 you will now use the built-in image viewer to zoom and pan avatars and images. You can also now email these images from both places.
  • Unfollowing UberSocial from within the UberSocial application will now turn off auto-following of UberSocial if it was still on
  • A long click on a tweet on BlackBerry OS 6 devices will now bring up the menu
  • High quality photographs – You can now send original and higher quality images when sending a picture to Lockerz – you have the choice of small, medium and original, note that medium and original sizes will take longer to upload, but will be of higher/highest quality.
  • Fixed a bug with older BlackBerry OS 4.7 devices that had trouble loading UberSocial
  • Changed the name of the client attribution to ‘UberSocial for BlackBerry’
  • Removed all umlauts over the U’s in UberSocial
  • Reverse geo-location will now use BlackBerry’s service and if that isn’t available Twitter’s reverse geo service
  • Fixed bug where users avatars which had transparency would not be maintained when added to the UberBar
  • Fixed bug where you sometimes could not select a location for trending topics
  • Fixed bug where a users avatar which is in the Uber Bar would not be loaded
  • Fixed the Facebook login bug – note that if you have set your facebook device to require the naming of each device that logs in, this is still an issue.