UberSocial received a very interesting update that made me wanna download it and use it again. Now at version 1.191, UberSocial has been added support for downloadable themes! The first, and only, theme released so far is Uber50, a theme designed by 50 Cent himself! I’m not a fan, but the theme does look quite cool. Here’s what’s new with UberSocial:

  • Support for installable themes with the first one being Uber50
  • Ablity to mute tweets based on keyword
  • Added ‘save’ button to each options screen so users know they can leave at any time and save what has changed
  • Fixed bug where blocking a user could cause an exception

More info and download links after the break!

The Uber50 theme is currently available for free and includes custom icons, backgrounds and sound effects, but there will be a premium version available soon for only $1.99! In case you were wondering, here are the benefits:

  • The exclusive Welcome to the Gritty Darkside theme
  • Special sound effects created by 50 Cent himself
  • Exclusive artwork that you can use for your BlackBerry

You need to download the new version of UberSocial BEFORE you install the theme!

Download UberSocial version 1.191 >>

Download Uber50 theme for Ubersocial >>