In a bizarre interview with Absolute Radio, UK politician Ed Miliband explained how he cured his smartphone addiction, with the help of BlackBerry.

Miliband said he ditched his iPhone for a BlackBerry because it’s harder to be addicted to a device with “limited functionality.”

Previously, Miliband taught at Harvard University where he became a big fan of the baseball team Boston Red Sox.

Miliband was a big fan of the MLB at Bat app, which was previously supported on the BlackBerry 10 operating system. However, since support was dropped, it has allegedly helped Miliband to be more productive.

“The good thing about a BlackBerry — I’m going to insult the BlackBerry makers now — is that it’s harder to do those things and so it’s more limited functionality,” said Miliband.

So while Miliband is throwing BlackBerry under the bus, he should be grateful (as well as his supporters) that BlackBerry has made him more productive. Without his iPhone, Miliband can be less distracted and perhaps actually do political work “for the people.”

If this apparent “less functionality” equates to “getting things done” count me in every time!