BlackBerry hasn’t been selling too well lately the last few years, which comes as no surprise. Though, despite losing a gargantuan amount of marketshare, BlackBerry CEO believes the company has a 50/50 chance for a successful turnaround.

However, it seems UK carrier Three is giving up on the Canadian smartphone brand, saying “BlackBerry is dying off slowly.”

“The Windows Phone market is good for us. We’ve chosen that as our third ecosystem now that BlackBerry is dying off slowly,” Brendan Arndt, Three’s Portfolio Manager said speaking to TrustedReviews.

Discussing Windows Phone 8 platform, Arndt stated: “The customer experience is great, the customer feedback is great on Windows Phone and is higher than some of the Android stuff.”

“It has done really well at the mid and low end for us, the top end is still needing that killer product to make it a big success and I hope that is coming and coming soon,” said Arndt.

Microsoft has come guns blazing with Windows Phone penetration, with a recent acquisition of Nokia to secure future Windows Phone handsets. Windows Phone has been slowly eating away at BlackBerry’s marketshare with many research firms and carriers believing it’s the third best-selling operating system.

BlackBerry is certainly facing an uphill battle, with carriers and consumers. Though, with devices like the BlackBerry Z3, the company can hopefully regain marketshare in the entry-level markets.