Earlier we reported that the rumors of BlackBerry Messenger getting shutdown in the UK were false. Later, a member of Parliament called for BBM to at least be suspended during the riots in London. Now, a UK teenage girl has been charged with using BBM to incite riots in London.

The 18-year old teen girl from Clacton, in Essex, stands accused of intentionally encouraging or assisting in the committal of an offence under the Serious Crime Act 2007, after sending a message to friends on August 8th using BBM. This is the first time BBM has been named in court as a tool used for the riots.

One can only imagine how this may impact the further use of BBM in the UK. It also further questions the role of Research In Motion in the UK. Is RIM allowing the UK police access to encrypted BBM messages? It will be interesting to see what the end result of this will be. Do you think RIM should give the UK police access to BBM messages?

via Telegraph