Are you tired of using the default lock feature on your Blackberry?  If your answer was yes, then you should give Ultimate Lock by Epic Applications a try.  However, If your answer was no, it’ll serve as a yes this time because that’s probably what you meant!

Ultimate Lock offers a variety of features that make it a worthwhile device-lock application to have.  It mirrors the look of the Android 2.1 lock screen and provides added functionality for your BlackBerry.  Notifications from various applications [Berry Weather, BBM, SMS, email, Twitter apps, Facebook, etc.] are displayed right on the lock screen.  And best of all, it’s on sale for 3.99 until March 31View the video of Ultimate Lock in action and then read the full review after the jump.

Ease of Use:
After downloading the application and setting all of the permissions to “allow”, you will instantly be able to start using the lock function by simply pressing the lock icon on your home screen (or the device lock button on top of your device).  Doing so will bring up the “ultimate” lock screen.

Home Screen Icon
Lock Screen
The lock screen is fully customizable and allows you to view multiple notifications even when your phone is locked. Full customization is the main idea of the Ultimate Lock application.  The number of options available for you to change and customize in this application are almost overwhelming, but at the end of the day, they all contribute to a fully personalized experience.

Lock & Security Options: 

You are given complete control over how the lock function on your device will work with this application.  It gives you the choice of integrating with the device lock key, locking after a set duration of time (from 0s up to 1hr), during a call, or even on device start. The ability to use a password/key is also available.  If this option is set, after swiping the lock button across the screen, you will be presented with a keypad that you will use to type in your password to gain access to your device. 


I would say that this is by far, one of the best features, simply because I get
annoyed when I have to unlock my phone to see who sent me a message or
to check my Berry Weather application.  With this application,
everything that I need to know is displayed right on the screen (there
is even an option to display the name of whoever sent you a message).


As if you weren’t able to personalize this application enough, you also have the option of changing things such as:  Font and icon colors displayed on the lock screen, Time Mode (12/24hr), display carrier information, and select the background image used for the lock screen.


Needless to say, this is a feature-rich application that is well worth the price because it gives you all of the functionality and customization that any great ultimate application should provide.  If you can appreciate the idea of having complete control over your lock screen experience, then give this app a try and let us know what you think!

Application:  Ultimate Lock
Developer:  Epic Applications
Price:  $3.99 until March 31 (normally $4.99)
OS Supported: 4.7 +