Over the course of this year, we’ve received a ton of feedback from our readers about doing a weekly recap of the news that cover the mobile landscape from both N4BB and IntoAndroid. Today, we’re officially launching UMG Mobile Week In Review, a brief but concise sum of all the latest happenings from the world of BlackBerry and Android. We will be publishing UMG Mobile’s WIR every Sunday on both N4BB.com and IntoAndroid.com.

For both Android and BlackBerry fans, this will be a great way to make sure you didn’t miss anything you may have wanted to read during the week, and also a way to stay up to date with what the competition is doing on their end.

We decided to start this off this week because, frankly, September is going to be pretty crazy. Devices from both ecosystems will be released, and we’re going to be reviewing, breaking down, putting up how-to’s, and everything else that comes with the territory about these phones. The UMG Mobile Week In Review will be a perfect way to keep track of it all in case your work week was a little too hectic as well.


The week started off with BlackBerry outlining a few great reasons why BBM is not susceptible to the spam issue a lot of iPhone users encounter on a regular basis. That same day, BlackBerry won a second legal motion against Typo LLC, the makers of the iPhone add-on keyboard that looks exactly like a Q10. roadmap1

On Monday, we leaked BlackBerry’s full roadmap for the rest of 2014. The roadmap tipped us off to the fact that the codename Khan P’9983 will be released at the same time as the Passport, and BlackBerry 10.3. Unfortunately, we still don’t have any official dates for the launch, but mid-September is still looking promising for it.

More details of the P’9983 Khan also emerged towards the end of the week. It confirmed pretty much what we expected it would be: a really expensive Q10.

BlackBerry has also officially launched the Z3 in Singapore. This adds another country to ever-increasing tally of nations that currently sell the affordable Z3. DSC_3917

If you, like many of us, can’t get enough of the Passport while we wait for its official release, you’ll definitely want to check out this 28-minute video review that popped up online. And if that’s still not enough, we have even more pictures of the Passport for your viewing pleasure.

In case you were wondering how bad (or awesome) your BlackBerry addiction is, now you can actually measure it thanks to a new app called Instant that launched this week exclusively for BlackBerry 10.

We wrapped up this week on N4BB with a fantastic editorial by Jubei Raziel entitled “Why Consumers Are In The Backseat With BlackBerry.” Make sure you check that one out, as Jubei breaks down how and why he believes BlackBerry’s strategy is to not leave the consumer market at all, but instead adapt to how it’s going to change in the near future.



The last week of August has proven to be anything but calm as the craziness of September approaches.

LG_G_Watch_R_1_verge_super_wideMonday started off with a bang, as a teaser from LG about a new smartwatch made the rounds. Little did we know LG would publish, what can only be described as a pre-announcement, acknowledging and showing off the new LG G Watch R. LG will technically be unveiling this new wearable at IFA 2014 0xt week.

This smartwatch has officially dethroned the Moto 360 in pure aesthetics, as it looks gorgeous. Unfortunately LG hasn’t communicated when it’ll be available so we’re still waiting to hear more a little later on.mmwqgzqyhgz2ksa86l3d

Samsung, not wanting to be left behind in the news stream, also announced a wearable they’d be showing off at the same conference. They’ve dubbed this smartwatch the Gear S. What makes the Gear S stand out from the rest of the crowd is the addition of a data connection that is completely independent to any smartphone. The Gear S will be running Tizen, not Android Wear. This is yet another way Samsung is showing they’re trying to separate themselves from Google into their own realm.

In non-wearable news, Amazon, not YouTube or Google, acquired video game live-streaming company, Twitch for a whopping $970 million. Amazon keeps getting bigger and bigger, so it’ll be interesting to see how they incorporate Twitch into their business model and if it’ll affect how they interact with the giants of the console world, namely Sony and Microsoft.

Google also announced their ultra-secretive ‘Project Wing’ in hopes of competing with Amazon’s upcoming drone-delivery system.

The week ended with both Motorola and Samsung making news ahead of their respective events. Moto’s partnership with Sol Republic is most likely extending into the launch of the X+1 as revealed by a few very useful FCC docs. Samsung just decided to tease us again with their Note 4 September 3rd date.

This upcoming week is going to be a lot of fun, so make sure you stay tuned to both N4BB and IntoAndroid for all that you need to know.