This week was a pretty busy week in the world of mobile. We recap the top news from both IntoAndroid and N4BB below. Enjoy!


Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 3.38.34 PMOn September 9th, Apple released their latest iteration of iPhone with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. We, naturally, compared Apple’s new flagship to the top Android smartphones out in the market now, and the ones that are coming up as well.

AT&T announced kind of randomly that they’ll be carrying the Moto 360 at some point. The announcement was made on Tuesday, and revealed no additional details on pricing or availability unfortunately.

Wednesday saw some Gmail issues pop up. Some 5 million Google account logins and passwords were posted to a Russian forum on Tuesday. The good news? Most are apparently super old. Thankfully, there’s a tool available that can let you check if yours is one of the unfortunate accounts whose details were divulged.

On Friday, I finally got my hands on the new Moto 360, and posted a little unboxing video to show you exactly what comes in the packaging as well as the beautiful smartwatch that is the 360.


The week started out with BlackBerry and Porsche announcing an exclusive event for September 17th. We originally thought the P’9983 would be announced in conjunction with the Passport, but apparently they’ll be hosting a separate event altogether for this beautiful high-end device.

blackberry-passport-163310-710x434On Thursday, BlackBerry President of Global Enterprise John Sims gave insight as to how the company is looking at wearables in many areas, including BBM. “We are doing some different experimentation internally with wearables.”

6“I would love for BBM to be running on a wearable,” he added, “it’s definitely an area of research for us.”

Later that day, BlackBerry announced a new acquisition, Movitru for BYOD and COPE improvement.

Our very own Chris gave us three reasons why BlackBerry should release the Passport in the U.S. immediately after its launch on the 24th.

The BlackBerry Classic has been pictured officially a few times, but on Friday, we leaked a few pictures that show different aspects of this throwback device along with some specs.

Until next week, gang!