Previously, we showed you how to unlock a BlackBerry 10 smartphone in a step-by-step tutorial. Now, we’re back with a full walkthrough on how to unlock a BlackBerry 10 smartphone with videos to show everything you’ll need to know before getting a BlackBerry 10 unlock code from here.

How to tell if your BlackBerry 10 smartphone is already unlocked

We’ve received quite a few orders from users who were unaware that their BlackBerry 10 smartphone was already unlocked. You should first check to see whether it is locked or unlocked. You can do this by following the video below:

How to Find your BlackBerry 10 smartphone PRD number

When placing an order for an unlock code of a BlackBerry 10 smartphone, we optionally ask for its PRD number. This can help us know for certain which carrier the device is locked to. In order to find this information, see the video below:

How to Unlock a BlackBerry 10 smartphone

Now that you’ve got all of this information ready, you’re set to get an unlock code for your BlackBerry 10 smartphone from here. Once you’ve got your unlock code, follow the video below to see how to unlock it. Additionally, you can also see our step-by-step tutorial here.