Just got a brand new BlackBerry Z10 or Q10? You’ll certainly want to unlock your device. Unlocking your device allows you to use it on other supported carriers around the world and adds additional resale value to the device.

Follow these simple steps to easily unlock your BlackBerry 10 phone:

Step 1

Find the IMEI number of the BlackBerry 10 device. You can easily do this by opening the phone dialing app and typing *#06#


This will automatically reveal the IMEI number.


Step 2

Now you’ll want to begin the process to get an unlock code generated specific to your device. Visit here to begin filling out the form with the information you gained in Step 1.

In the form you will want to make sure you enter the information of the device itself. NOT what carrier you intend to put the device on after you unlock it.


Step 3

Complete the ordering process and wait for your code to be generated. You will receive an email with the unlock code. Sometimes you could receive up to 3 different unlock codes, one of which will be the correct unlock code.

Step 4

To enter the unlock code go to Settings > Security & Privacy > SIM card. Then click the ‘Unlock Network’ button. It will prompt you to enter the unlock code.

If the unlock code was correct you will see a small popup with the message “Network code entered successfully”. All network items now display as ‘Unlocked’.


You only have 10 attempts at entering an unlock code. If by the 6th try the unlock code does not work, DO NOT TRY ALL 10 TIMES as you will then never be able to unlock the device, ever. Contact us immediately.

It’s as simple as that. For the best BlackBerry 10 unlock codes be sure to visit here, your trusted source for unlock codes brought to you by N4BB!