A new BETA build of the Native Snap2Chat client for BlackBerry has just been released by developer NemOry. There is a big change log that also comes along with it. I’m loving this application as it builds its own social tenants alongside the SnapChat functionality. Added, BB10-only features like Shoutbox, extended profiles as well as native Snap2Chat camera default settings allows a pretty robust experience, however BETA it may be. Despite some bugs here and there the app is pretty stable over all and worth a sideload, it’s more or less taken over as my main client as it fills my base purposes just fine. Give it a sideload and let us know what you think. My favorite feature is being able to set the app header color within the settings with a HEX code, fancy!

Download Snap2Chat v0.8.5 

Changes from v0.8.5:
Load Stories
Load Best Friends and Score
Like Shouts
Comment on Shouts
Delete Comments
Delete Shouts
ShoutBox URLs now Invokable
About Profile URLs now Invokable
Narrowed Down Refreshing Animation
Narrowed Down List Items
Removed Some Gender Setting, Added Unspecified Option
Auto Open Camera Fix (bug from 0.8.200+)
Fixed can’t close Friends Tab Options
Brightened Friends Selection
Added 1 Feed Item in active frame for Z30
Title Bar Icons moved up slightly
Empty Profile Photo Profile Thumbnails
Added Delete Snapsterpiece Confirmation