Former Florida governor, Jeb Bush, is in preparation of making a US presidential run. Much like the current US President, Barack Obama, Bush is an addict to BlackBerry. Bush’s administration has recently opened up an email archive ranging from 1999 to 2007 in a new e-book to aid in showing his candidacy’s transparency.

The trove of emails were all handled by Bush while using a BlackBerry. “The focus of the project is to make them more widely available,” said Bush spokeswoman Kristy Campbell.

By Bush giving unprecedented access to the personal emails on his BlackBerry, “for inspection on a new website, and pairing it with what amounts to a reader’s guide to the hundreds of thousands of messages, many only a few words long, Bush is able to shape how the emails define him among his would-be GOP primary opponents and Democrats already trying to paint him as an out-of-touch businessman little different than 2012 nominee Mitt Romney.”

Bush says his BlackBerry was hardly ever away from his side. He used his BlackBerry roughly 30 hours per week, reading and returning email to staff and Florida residents.

With his BlackBerry in hand for optimal communication, Bush wanted to remain readily accessible and would freely give out his contact information. “As much as I could, I emailed back,” he writes, describing the experience as “quite humbling” at times, but “always eye opening, and (it) certainly kept me on my toes.”