BlackBerry will be introducing an unlocked Android runtime in OS 10.2.1. This new Android runtime will allow users the ability to install Android app APKs directly to their BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

No longer will users have to side-load or use debug tokens in order to run their favorite apps, which might not have been brought officially to BlackBerry 10.

There had been much speculation that Google Play store would be launching on BlackBerry 10. However, we learned the rumors aren’t true in an official statement from BlackBerry.

Nevertheless, we thankfully have some third party alternatives. With the upcoming OS 10.2.1 (which you can get for some devices since it leaked here) you can utilize the Amazon app store and 1Mobile Market to download and then install Android apps directly.

Simply download the Amazon app store here or the 1Mobile Market app here. Find the apps you’d like to install, download, and the installation process will begin through the new Android runtime. Both of these stores have been confirmed working on OS thanks to  Billy!