Looking to use Skype and make phone calls on your BlackBerry PlayBook? Taki is a cross-platform SIP softphone. Phone calls can be made over Wi-Fi or 4G LTE connection. Taki phone can be used with any SIP provider. If you don’t have a SIP account yet, please check out the list of recommended VoIP providers.

For the best experience it is recommend to make phone calls with headphones attached to your PlayBook. This will eliminate the echo and gives you a better audio quality. Features of Taki include:

  • Multiple calls support
  • Address book
  • Call History
  • DTMF on active calls
  • Call Hold, Mute
  • Easy setup
  • Call logs for troubleshooting

You can also use this application to talk to Skype contacts if you have Skype SIP profile: https://support.skype.com/en-us/faq/FA10572/how-do-i-manage-sip-profiles
or use one of SIP providers which provides interconnect with Skype.

Taki for BlackBerry PlayBook is available now for only $0.99 in BlackBerry App World here.