When it comes to instant messaging, there are so many options that sometimes it’s hard for one to decide which to use. This is why most people usually have two or even more messaging apps intalled on their smartphones. But there is one thing that makes the difference: security. Who would want to use an application that provides little to no security for your private messages?

Researchers have found that the popular messaging app Viber sends their videos and images without encryption and then stores it online where it can be publicly accessed. -Insert Panic Here-. Don’t worry, Viber released a statement saying the problem has been solved, but we wouldn’t blame you if you still felt a little exposed when using it.

We’ve already heard about many other apps, such as WhatsApp, having security issues where messages aren’t encrypted and most of the time the problem is solved but if you really want security to be a priority, just download BBM. It has been proved to be the best at protecting your messages and keeping your data private.