With BBM Voice you have the freedom to chat with your BBM friends the way you want. Type or talk – you choose. For those moments that are too big for text – too exciting, too complex, or urgent – now BBM has voice. You can call BBM contacts straight from BBM for free.

BBM Voice includes a number of convenient features:

  • Enhanced calling options – You can open a BBM Voice call directly from a BBM chat, providing instant engagement across the globe, free from long-distance charges.*
  • Visual indicator – Know immediately when BBM friends are available for a voice call. No guesswork – your friend’s availability for BBM Voice is displayed in the chat screen. The voice status profile will show one of four states: Online (available for voice chat), Offline (capable but not available right now), In a voice chat (tap to hang-up), or None (customer’s device does not support BBM Voice).
  • Seamlessly switch from type to talk – Turn your BBM session into a voice chat right from an ongoing text conversation. Use the medium that best suits the conversation topic. Toggle at any time. You choose: type, talk, or both.
  • Convenient compatibility – BBM Voice is compatible with your accessories. Use a handheld microphone, speakerphone, Bluetooth accessory or wired headset. You can find some of the best microphones that are compatible with BBM Voice online.
  • Multi-tasking at your fingertips – Check other BBM text chats, check email, or navigate to other apps during the BBM Voice call.
  • BlackBerry ID convenience – Switch even more easily between BlackBerry smartphones. BBM 7 allows your BBM profile, Groups and Contacts to be linked to your BlackBerry ID. Following the BlackBerry 10 launch, the BlackBerry ID integration will allow customers to seamlessly transfer all of their BBM information to a BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

*BBM version 7 with the new BBM Voice feature is currently available in Beta for BlackBerry smartphones running the BlackBerry® 6 OS or higher with support planned for smartphones running the BlackBerry 5 OS at a future date. BBM Voice also requires a valid BBM data plan and a Wi-Fi connection.

If you do not have a BlackBerry ID, create one here: https://blackberryid.blackberry.com/bbid/registration/registration_eula.seam

  1. On your BlackBerry, open your Beta email invitation and click on the Download link.
  2. Follow the prompts to log in and accept the download.
  3. Accept the prompt to reboot when the download has completed.
  4. Look in your inbox for your Keycode email, open it, use Select to highlight your Keycode, and Copy it.
  5. Open the BBM application.
  6. Use your Keycode: Scroll to the bottom of the License Agreement. Above the “I Accept” button, tap in the space after “KeyCode:” (a blue cursor will appear). Paste your Keycode. Tap the “I Accept” button.
  7. Enter your BlackBerry ID credentials when prompted. Now your BBM 7 software is installed. You are ready to try BBM Voice!

TRY IT OUT: Use BBM Voice to Call Your Friends!


When your download and installation are done:

  1. Turn your Wi-Fi on and connect to an available network.
  2. Open BBM Messenger and go to your Contacts list.
  3. Tap on a friend’s name to open a chat.
  4. When your friend is available for chat, the phone icon in the top line of your chat will be green. Just tap to connect!
  5. If a friend calls you, accepting the call works the same as with a regular incoming phone call: press the Send button built into your device, below the touch screen.
  6. To end a call, press the usual hang-up button on your device, just as you would do to end a regular call.

If you would like to provide feedback, report a bug, or suggest feature enhancements, please email Sarah Burt: sburt@rim.com.