On November 2nd N4BB was on location during the historic first mobile credit card transaction in Canada. Tim Hortons played host to this joint venture between CIBC and Rogers Communications demonstrating Rogers mobile payment system called SureTap. Rogers is launching SureTap first on the BlackBerry Platform, you’ll have your choice between the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and the BlackBerry Curve 9360, the process couldn’t be easier!

Watch this video of Simon Whitfield a Canadian Triathlete Olympic medalist:

Pay attention at 35 to 38 seconds. It only took those 3 seconds for the transaction to take place from when the terminal asked Simon to connect till the terminal showed he had paid for his 3 large coffees at $5.80. I used these same terminals about an hour earlier to purchase my large coffee using the PIN chip on my American Express card, which took about 5 seconds to complete.

Now really this press stuff is great but the question we all want to know, when can I use this? Roger Wireless and CIBC say that you’ll be able to use this on November 16th! The infrastructure is already in place at more than 15 retail and food locations in Canada, as well as countless MasterCard PayPass and Visa payWave terminals.

What do you need to do?

  • First you Need a CIBC Credit Card – ( If you don’t have one Click here to find one best for you).
  • Next you’ll need a BlackBerry SureTap Ready device which at this time is the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and the BlackBerry Curve 9360.
  • THEN you’ll need a Rogers Secure NFC SIM Card which after November 16th will be available in store or you can order one online today! online today! For $12.99.
  • And last but not least you’ll need to download the CIBC Mobile Payment App which will be available from BlackBerry App World on November 16th.

BlackBerry fans this is an exciting time for us. We are waiting for BlackBerry 10 RIMs next generation Mobile computing platform, and while we wait we get to be the first in Canada to make mobile payments using our existing CIBC Credit cards, and I am sure other Banks are not far behind getting their solutions out.

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