If you purchased the BlackBerry Z10 from Verizon Wireless you still haven’t gotten an official OS 10.1 update. The Z10 units shipped by Verizon still sit at OS, which restricts those users from certain apps who no longer support such an outdated build.

Lucky for you, we’re hearing from sources within Verizon Wireless that the company plans to rollout a 10.1 update by June 14th. Though, don’t hold your breath. We’ve been told it’s partly BlackBerry’s fault for the delay. Word is it’s due to the software sent to Big Red keeps having a bug that doesn’t meet their rigorous testing.

As for the Q10, word is the next update for it won’t be until OS 10.2. Likely, Verizon will be one of the last carriers to approve the build. Nevertheless, there is a glimpse of hope for those of you with a Verizon Z10. Just keep your fingers crossed what we’ve heard comes to fruition on the 14th.