*UPDATE* It seems that there is also a server issue with RIM. This could be affecting your BlackBerry Messenger as well. 
According to our VZW ninja, Verizon is experiencing problems with it’s
BlackBerry customers. Apparently, a recent update (we’re unsure what it was yet) has caused the phone numbers of BlackBerry users to no longer be
attached to their pins. This has made many phones and/or data not work.
Have you noticed your BlackBerry Messenger not loading your friends or
your own avatar? Most likely it is because of the current outage. Is your connection showing 1xev instead of 1XEV? Lowercase means it sees the network, but isn’t connected. It’s unknown how long the service has been down or spotty, but many people are calling into VZW. We’re hoping Verizon fixes this issue soon, we know how addicted everyone is and would hate to hear of mass hysteria.
Are you experiencing problems? Tell us about what’s happening.