One of our Verizon ninjas let us in on a little secret. Remember that recent OS update we saw the other day for the BlackBerry Tour 9630? The OS update, which was basically a patch, actually brought more issues than fixes.

RIM is supposedly scrambling to get the OS bugs fixed. Until then, its being told unofficially to Verizon tech support reps to walk customers through the troubleshooting process. If the problem cannot be fixed we’re told the rep will likely send out a certified like-new Bold 9650, since it has the same battery and charger!

It isn’t clear how long this will on. Most likely until Verizon approves a new OS release for the Tour 9630. So, if you’re experiencing problems now with your Tour 9630 because of the last OS update, you may just want to give Big Red a call. Are you experiencing issues with the .732 OS?