Verizon Wireless has started e-mailing select customers with details on early upgrade availability. We don’t think this is for VIP customers, as they already have the ability to upgrade to a new device every 1yr. Could this be the rumored upgrade offer for original Storm owners? Nevertheless, you’d jump on this to get the Storm2, but it seems as if Verizon wants to offer you an alternative, the Motorola Droid.

There was also talk of the BOGO deal ending November 7th. This rumor has been debunked, as it’s now the 12th and the BOGO deal is still available. VZW clarified the confusion for us. Basically, when the Storm2 first released you could also get a netbook for free, as part of the BOGO. The offer for the netbook is what has ended on the 7th. The BOGO for a second free Storm2 will end November 30th.