In an investment note today, from reputable analyst, Shaw Wu of Kaufman Bros., his Verizon insiders claim they see “no material value” in BlackBerry OS 6. In the eyes of Verizon, BlackBerry OS 6 will not be a “Saviour” for the brand.

Any Verizon BlackBerry user may have noticed how ‘pushy’ Verizon customer service reps may be towards converting you to Android. Some of our own Verizon sources have stated that the company has lost a lot of interest in BlackBerry, due to RIM having to play “catch up”, when compared to devices from Apple or equipped with Android. Analyst Shaw Wu also noted that Android may have peaked, and the Apple iPhone is extremely important for the success of Verizon.

Perhaps, this is the reason we haven’t seen Verizon very motivated to officially release OS 6 for the Bold 9650 and Curve 9330? Do they really not care that much for BlackBerry? Remember the Storm 9570 with OS 6 was supposed to go to Verizon, but they cancelled the device. We hope Verizon won’t be slow to release OS 6, as AT&T was to release OS 5.