GizmoFusion has gotten word that Verizon has confirmed the End of Life for the 8830, Curve 8330, Storm 9530, and Pearl Flip 8230 BlackBerry devices.  More than likely, this decision results from the fact that most of these devices have been replaced by newer models [Curve 8530, Storm 9550, Tour, etc.]. 

After these devices are gone, Verizon will be left with the Curve 2, Tour 9630, and Storm 2.  But with the Tour 2 Bold on the way and rumors of a Storm 3 in development, Verizon will still maintain a pretty impressive BlackBerry lineup.  I’m glad that I held on to my Curve 8330 after I got the Storm 2 last year though, because it might become a collectors item in the future [wishful thinking].