The guys over at BerryAddicted have apparently gotten some word from their Verizon ninja on a large upcoming ad campaign for the Blackberry Storm2 and other upcoming phones.

“Along with the Storm 2, the Moto Sholes, HTC Desire, and Curve
2 will be dropping…among others. This is very exciting, as these are
four of the hottest and most anticipated devices to come out. Now the
speculation has been when the Storm 2(and the others) will hit and why
we have not seen any advertising etc. Well I was informed that
television ads will start to run this coming Monday, which is October
19th for those that wanna write it down! The first commercial will air
during the Yankees vs Angels game…so tune in folks!”

Along with the claim of the ad campaign, they’re still sticking with the November 7th launch date for the Blackberry Storm2. We aren’t going to start on the ‘date game’, but we don’t doubt a possible November release, as we reported on Gizmodo’s finding and with what we reported on the Verizon device blogs Storm2 release date take-down. It will be interesting to see if Verizon truly does push the Storm2 or if it will remain a “silent release”.