According to BBOS they had this to say about the Storm 2’s OS:

It has been confirmed by our “ninja” that Verizon has approved OS for the Storm 2. There may be a little few tweaks that RIM
will enhance but .212 has been approved. Now that we know which OS will
be used with the Storm 2, when is Verizon planning on releasing this
phone? According to our ninja, they want to get it out
by the end of September or the third week in October at the latest.
Don’t you think Verizon would hype this up and/or have some
advertisements about it? Our Ninja informed us that they are not
wanting to make the same mistake as they did last year with the 1st
Storm. Hype it up and have the phone get a lot of negative feedback and
have it be a flop. So hopefully with in 30 days, we will be seeing the
Storm 2!!

I’m really excited about this device. Our insider told us the first week of October, so we’re sticking with this date. Hope it arrives soon, we’re getting impatient.