Yesterday was Apple’s big day, where they officially announced the new iPhone 5, iPod Nano, iPod Touch, and more. Although, some are skeptical about Apple’s dominance in the mobile space.

When asked about Verizon keeping its options open to different operating systems in light of the Apple versus Samsung case, Verizon Wireless Chief Financial Officer Francis J. Shammo said to not count RIM out yet.

“Don’t count RIM out yet, they could come back to the marketplace with an innovate product.” This innovative product he’s referencing is BlackBerry 10. RIM is doing their best to make BlackBerry 10 an advanced platform for mobile devices and beyond.

Additionally, Shammo felt that Microsoft still has potential to make a mark with its Windows Phone operating system. “Obviously Microsoft has a hold in the enterprise space and there really is no reason why they – if this is a good product, there is no reason why they can win in that space,” said Shammo.

This is great news for RIM. Having the CFO, of the largest wireless carrier in the US, saying to not rule out RIM is huge. Once BlackBerry 10 is released it will most certainly be interesting to watch how the carriers let BB10 and Windows Phone 8 battle it out.

via Street Insider