[Update #3: 12:50am EST 1/25/14] After speaking with several sources everything went according to plan with Verizon’s roll out of 10.2.1. It was initially meant to be a small roll out to select users and then eventually continue with the regularly planned update. Verizon users should not fear if they didn’t receive the update as Big Red is planning to continue with the release of the latest software sometime next week.

[Update #2: 5:39pm EST] Verizon has pulled the plug on this update for now. While the 10.2.1 software is working perfectly fine itself for those that were able to get it, some VZW Z10 owners are no longer getting an update notification, and those that had the update notification, but hadn’t started the update process, or didn’t finish it, are now being told their software is up to date. No official word on why it’s no longer available, but odds are it was just released too early. Again, the software itself hasn’t had any issues, so we can at least be excited that’s not a problem.

‎[Update 1:55pm EST] BlackBerry has reached out to us about today’s Verizon Wireless 10.2.1 update with the following statement:‎‎

“A limited number of VZW customers today received the BlackBerry 10.2.1 update however it is not generally available yet. We’ll keep you posted on general availability.”


We’re seeing a ton of people reporting that Verizon Wireless is pushing out a 10.2.1 update for the BlackBerry Z10 this afternoon. The update is which installs on the device. Verizon’s update is four days ahead of BlackBerry even announcing 10.2.1 officially, which as we let you guys know before, will happen next Tuesday, January 28th.

If you’re using a Z10 on Big Red’s network, check your Settings > Software Update to see if it’s arrived at your device.

No word yet on a Z30, or Q10 update, but if it does get pushed, we’ll keep you all in the loop as well.