In an interview with BGR, the Chief Marketing Officer, of Verizon Wireless, Marni Walden, discussed many things about the company from the last few years. Walden has confirmed that they will be releasing 3 new BlackBerry devices this year and they will continue to offer the BlackBerry platform. For the reason to continue partnership with RIM, Walden said:

“RIM is still very, very important in the enterprise space. It does resonate in some of the consumer space as well, particularly with BBM. We’ll have three devices this year that we will bring to market with RIM. We’ll continue our partnership and it’ll be important for now going forward.”

It will be interesting to see which devices Verizon releases. We know they will be offering the Bold 9930, and likely will have the Torch 9850 (Monaco) and Curve 9350 (Sedona). Which device do you think you’ll pick up?