The BlackBerry Z10 is now on all of the major mobile carriers within the US. Verizon Wireless being no exception, with an exclusive on the white Z10 variant.

Verizon Wireless reached out to us and let us know their top 4 reasons users should give BlackBerry 10 a try. If the word ‘BlackBerry’ makes you think of email, security and a physical keyboard, you’re not alone. But with the introduction of BlackBerry 10, the company has infused the smartphone marketplace with some brand new ideas that might soon be synonymous with its name.

Here’s Verizon’s top 4 reasons to give BB10 a try:

1. One Phone to Rule It All

Separate work from personal life with BlackBerry’s Balance feature. Store business apps and info on a work profile and switch instantly to a separate profile to find personal data, photos and apps.

2. A Keyboard for Human Fingers

BlackBerry 10’s touchscreen flick keyboard adapts to you as you type, recommending words and letting you ‘flick’ the words into your email or text message. BlackBerry learns which words and phrases you use most, and recommends them more often to save you time.

Side Note: Dragons’ Den investor Kevin O’Leary said he switched from iPhone 5 to BlackBerry Z10 after testing the keyboard (and so did two other ‘Dragons’).

3. A Camera for The Photographer In You

BlackBerry 10’s camera has a feature called Time Shift that takes a burst of photos and then lets you select the best photo for each individual in the shot. So you never miss the good shot.

4. The Hub, Grand Central Station for Notifications

All of your notifications are in one place that you can access from any app or page simply by swiping left. The Hub shows you voicemails and missed calls, text messages, new emails from both work and personal accounts, Twitter @replies and direct messages, Facebook messages, LinkedIn messages, BBMs and system updates—All in one place.