How much can you get done before your flight? With BlackBerry 10 you can do more than ever before. Move through applications with a seamless flow. Move into a BBM Video call over into a BBM Screen Share then while having a conversation work through and get approval for a PowerPoint you’re prepping, all before you’re called for boarding.

BlackBerry 10 and BBM take collaboration to a next level with native screen sharing across all BB10 devices. Out of the box BB10 is a robust native solution and business tool that gives you flexibility and ease between your phone interactions.

I would love to see Screen Share brought over into BlackBerry Blends to allow BBM Video and Screen Share across to the desktop and tablets but I wouldn’t expect it for years out. Enterprises who deal with customer concerns would greatly benefit from the addition, but I think there are core developments that take precedent.

This video however is another great look at BlackBerry 10 unaltered–a realistic promotion of how fast and fluid the operating system and devices are. BlackBerry 10.2.1 is a much more mature BB10 OS, and as they push forward to re-imagine what once made them great, I believe BlackBerry has the assets and drive to secure their place in the next decade of computing. #ShowYourFlow do you like these kinds of hands on BlackBerry 10 demos?