On a BlackBerry? Click here for mobile video view

You might think you know what is inside your BlackBerry, but do you? In this very informative video produced by Kidela, the communications company for rare earth element miner Stans Energy, they describe the 17 essential rare earth elements found deep within the “guts” of your BlackBerry.

A few of the main elements are Neodymium, Europium, Terbium and Yttrium. Europium and Terbium help with making the LCD screen perform in high-resolution, with Europium creating the color red and Terbium the color green, while helping with the backlight function. Ever wondered how your BlackBerry vibrates? Neodymium is responsible.

Without these rare earth elements our BlackBerrys, or any smartphone, would not be able to function like they do today. Hopefully, we’ll never run out of these precious elements.

via Kidela