As BlackBerry users, we tend to be extremely social. That simple fact makes us strong candidates to want to share as much as we possibly can. Pictures are probably the most common of media that’s shared online today, but videos are right there too. Unfortunately, sharing videos on BBM can be limiting, as size plays a huge role in what you can, and can’t share with your friends. Thankfully today, a new app has launched in BlackBerry World that makes it super easy to do just that, change a video’s size.

Video Shrinker, by Marco Bavagnoli, creator of SuperTube, lets you compress your video down to a few different shareable resolution sizes, from 480p, down to straight up tiny 36p.

Using the app is pretty simple as well. You simply pick the video you want to compress. Then, you select the output resolution, see how big, or small the video will be, and then you hit Shrink. It’s that easy.