After listening in on the interview between Matt Galloway and Thorsten Heins, it was a very critical of all the bad things that have transpired with RIM. But Thorsten Heins remained calm and positive.

Heins stated that nothing was wrong with RIM and how they are dealing with the transition of the company. Like any other transition, its taking all the old ways of the company and instituting in new things. What that transition entails is a new leadership team, adapting to today’s market of new technology, and the release of an entirely new platform.

BlackBerry 10: New Platform vs Product Launch
After hearing the news that BlackBerry 10 was being delayed until Q1 2013, many were upset at this decision. Even Thorsten Heins was disappointed at this decision.

“Certainly it was not an easy decision to hold off the launch of our new BlackBerry 10 platform, but for us it was critical that we get it right.”

What users and others who are looking closely at RIM have to understand is, that BlackBerry 10 is not just a launch of a new product (phones, and tablets), but the launch of an entire new BlackBerry platform. Heins stated that he wanted to deliver the “highest quality of the new platform, that is stable, and reliable”. In order for RIM to be successful, it will require a huge amount of work, and with the delay, they can and will release BlackBerry 10 and its product. So RIM is “working hard for the future”, the next 10 years.

Thorsten remained positive during the interview and his take on things was positive after just being with the company for just a few months. So all together RIM is in the middle of a transition, and working hard to meet the launch date of the new BlackBerry 10 platform and products.