Karta Mobile let us know that they have released version 5.4 of their popular BlackBerry 10 app Viira. Viira now offers an optional, cloud-based sync between Microsoft Outlook and Viira for BlackBerry 10.

Viira is Built For BlackBerry native app (Cascades) that provides powerful and easy-to-use organization for Getting Things Done. Viira also offers a feature-rich Microsoft Outlook Add-In that syncs wirelessly with the BlackBerry 10 app to provide a seamless solution for Getting Things Done. A Viira PC App available as well. Sync is entirely cloud-based and doesn’t require BES or Microsoft Exchange.

Viira is supported on all BlackBerry 10 devices with OS 10.2 or later and offers a 14-day free trial. The optional Viira Cloud Sync service used to sync with the Viira Outlook Add-In and the Viira PC App is also free to try.  We currently have a summer sale and both the standalone app and the sync package are 30% off.

Here is what’s new in version 5.4:

  • Overdue Tasks. Viira’s Day View now has a dedicated area that displays all overdue tasks. Overdue tasks can be re-assigned quickly with the new “Move To Today” option.
  • File and Document Attachments. In addition to emails and contacts, you can now associate a document or file with any task in Viira.  You can open the document or file attached to a task by clicking “Open” (you must have the appropriate viewer installed an available on your device, e.g. Docs To Go).
  • Picture Attachments: You can add a camera picture to any task in Viira. The picture can be an already existing one or one that is taken with the camera right away. When you select “Picture” as the desired task attachment type you can select “Camera” and make a quick picture on the spot to add to your task.
  • Project and Context Stars. You can give an important project or context a star with a quick tap on the screen. Starred projects and contexts always appear at the top of any list making it easy find and navigate to them, making it a productivity booster if you find yourself assigning tasks to certain projects or contexts more frequently than others.
  • New Projects And Contexts As Needed. You can create a new project or context directly from the task edit screen without having to go back to Projects View or Contexts View.
  • BlackBerry Calendar Selection. If you have more than one Calendar accounts set up on your BlackBerry, you can now select which calendar you want Viira to integrate with when it comes to reminders. The settings is available under Settings->Calendar Integration. The Viira Day View will continue to display all calendar appointments for a given day regardless of which calendar account they come from.

For those who use the optional sync package and sync with Viira on Microsoft Outlook we have added a few improvements as well:


  • Create Email Task Directly From Email Viewer (MS Outlook). You can create an email task directly from the email viewer. Open an email to view in a separate window then on the new Viira tab click the “Create Viira Task” button in it. (Outlook 2007 or later).
  • Create Contact Task Directly From Contact Viewer (MS Outlook). You can create a contact task directly from the contact viewer. Open a contact to view in a separate window then on the new Viira tab click the “Create Viira Task” button in it (Outlook 2007 or later).
  • Support for syncing of stars. When you assigning a star to a project and context the star will sync seamlessly between your BlackBerry, Outlook and PC.


The Viira Outlook Add-In is supported on Microsoft Outlook 2003 through 2013. Download Viira 5.4 from BlackBerry World here.