Vonage has released its free-to-download mobile app for the Blackberry. You get a $1 credit just for downloading. Vonage Mobile allows you to dial directly or through your address book. The app knows you’re
making an international call and automatically routes it through our
low-cost international network. You pay only our low international
rates† and use your local cellphone minutes.

Features Include:
  • Make low-cost international calls
    Call any landline or mobile phone worldwide at incredibly low rates.
    International calling is inexpensive with Vonage Mobile for the
  • Works on cellular
    No matter where you are in the U.S., if you have cellular service, you
    can use Vonage Mobile for low-cost international calling. (Carrier
    roaming charges may apply when outside your calling area)
  • Easy to install
    Click on “Free Download” on this page
    and enter your phone number when prompted. We’ll send you an SMS (text
    message) with a link to download Vonage Mobile. Just follow the simple
    steps on your device to install. We’ll even give you a credit to make
    your first international call. (Standard text messaging rates may apply)
  • Simple calling process
    Making Vonage Mobile calls on a BlackBerry® is easy. When you dial an
    international number from the U.S., we’ll simply place the call with
    Vonage Mobile. And you’ll only use local minutes. (Carrier roaming
    charges may apply when outside your calling area)
  • Pay as you go
    With Vonage Mobile you only pay for the calls you make†. Simply set up
    your refill amount and credit/debit card information and we’ll
    automatically refill your account when you’re running low. No worries.