With BlackBerry 10 and playbook, you can add any web based calendar using the calDAV protocol. As long as you are able to access it, you can have the calendar syncing with BlackBerry 10 and the playbook without needing to access an extra account.

Step 1: Create a CalendarFirst, you need to visit the site where you want to set up the calendar. Then you create the calendar and add the info you need.

Step 2: Get Your Calendar ID You would get this in the calendar options or settings. You need to find the web address or web id depending on your service that you are using.

Step 3: Set Up on your BlackBerry On your BlackBerry device, Go to Settings then Accounts. On the bottom, Tap Add Account. Tap Advanced and select CalDAV.

Step 4: Add your calendar detailsA description can help you if you have a number of calendars from the same site but it is not necessary. You need to put your username and password and the server address which you get when you do step 2 and get it from your calendar service. Then you set your sync interval and hit done.

Step 5: Open Your calendarOnce you open your calendar, you will see your dates start to sync in the calendar. It may take a few minutes for everything to start syncing in. But you should be able to start adding and removing events and take it on the go.