BlackBerry’s Passport has been lauded as one of the most innovative devices to be conceptualized this year. One of the biggest barriers the device breaks is the idea that you must choose between a physical QWERTY keypad and a touch screen. Pulling from their heritage BlackBerry has reinvented the keyboard on the Passport, shown here in the short video the keyboard (which is touch sensitive) allows you to use the keyboard as an integrated trackpad within certain application.

You’ll be able to enjoy a marriage of the advanced BlackBerry brought to BlackBerry 10 with their virtual keyboard and the refinement and efficiency brought from their lineage of physical QWERTY keypads. Overall the device looks great. The one pictured looks very near if not final hardware.

What do you think about this keyboard technology and having many of the number, symbols etc on the 4th on screen row? If you are having trouble seeing the video above you can tap here to watch it as well.