Network servers in a data center. Swallow depth of Field

When your business does exist online, you need to ensure that your website is fail-safe and is available all the time. This is not only specific to the e-commerce industry, but also for any online business. When the website downtime is often seen, your business is affected more often. For any organization, availability of any website is the most crucial thing. For locating the products, locations, and the various services your customers continuously look for the online sites. There are few things you need to concentrate when you are looking for improving the availability of the site.

Managing DNS Internally

When you trust a hosting provider, it is no fault. But do you have a backup hosting provider?  A secondary host provider will be able to help you when the primary hosting provider is down. Your web traffic is still up, but ensures that the offline settings are directed to another IP address.

Round the Clock Monitoring

If your site is down at the mid of the night, you should be able to know it, and this makes it easy for you to come up with a solution. If you do not know what is happening, you will have to rely on the customer support. Even if the downtime is of 5 minutes, you will lose a good amount of traffic, and imagine what happens when you face hours of downtime! When your site goes down you should get notification immediately.

Choosing the Right Hosting Provider

Do not go for the hosting service providers who offer low cost and compromise on the quality of service. Ask for SLA and the up time data. Check if in case of downtime, will there be any financial compensation made to the customer. A reliable web hosting services like Arvixe who have won several awards for web hosting can ensure that you get 100% server uptime for your business website.


When you get notified about the problem in your site, and you do not know what to do next, so do you think getting told is helpful? No, when there is a failover support, only then you will be able to reap the rewards. Your traffic can be diverted to another site or a custom web page. Your site never misses even a single visitor this time. Check if you can get on-call engineers, to come to your rescue immediately when you call them. Round the clock support is mandatory!

Data Backups and Redundancy

To ensure that the VPS has continuity in operations, you need to ensure that there are the data backups. When you data is corrupted, and you can return to the site, and the good condition ensures that there is no interruption in the operations. Do not compromise on the data security. Do not save the backup data on the same server, as there would be no use of doing the same. The copies are exported by the support services in most of the cases.


Data redundancy is to make sure that drive failure does not affect the uptime of the site. The data is copied from the various other physical systems and a temporary solution is arrived at the time. Storing on multiple servers can do the job easily for you.

Failover Clustering

Relying on a single internet connection is a common thing; at times 2 connections are used or even more if you use failover clustering. These are usually broadband connections. They have stable speeds for uploading and downloading. Using a couple of mobile networks, which can be used as 3G and 4G connections can ensure that the site is never down.