The developer of Web Design Cheat Sheet – Alex Bass – has just launched version 2.1 into BlackBerry World which brings a whole slew of new features. Free and now finally paid versions are available. In addition to this, the app is now BFB Certified as well now.

The app features a functional HTML5/CSS3 editor within the app with which you can create a website from scratch and preview it right there, share it to remember app or email yourself the code. That is within the new $0.99 HTML5 “Resources” section of the app‎. And in addition to it, there’s also the editor within all HTML5 elements pages (for free), so you can actually see a fully working example of each element, edit it and preview it.
This app is perfect for web designers because it is made by a website designer. So if you like to work on the go and enjoy taking advantage of any free time you get to work on your website, this is the app for you. Check out Web Design Cheat Sheet in BlackBerry World and let us know what you think!