Alex, the developer of WDCS (Web Design Cheat Sheet) has another great update for us all! For those who do not already know, WDCS is a great free reference tool to help you learn and get started with web design and programming. The app covers HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and has a repository of goodies from videos, tutorials, code snippets, and training material. The CSS3 section has gone on 50% sale with the price dropping to $0.99. For those itching to unlock their coding prowess this is the best option in BlackBerry World.

Here’s what you’ll get with your $0.99 investment in the CSS3 section.

The CSS3 Section consists of:
 – Access to 176 CSS Properties:
 – – Descriptions;
 – – Detailed Syntax;
 – – CSS & HTML Examples;
 – – Editor & Previewer;
 – Fully Functional CSS3 Editor:
 – – Ability to Toggle Between HTML & CSS;
 – – Remembers Code on Exit;
 – – Predefined Templates;
 – – Quick Code Buttons;
 – CSS3 Resources Section:
 – – 19 Chapters from Mozilla Developer Network;
 – – Quick Links for Useful Tools;
 – Neatly Organized:
 – – Properties are Sorted by Categories;
 – – Quick Access to Filter Between CSS Types;
 – Quick Links Within Property Pages:
 – – Mozilla Developer Network;
 – – World Wide Web Consortium (W3C);
 – – W3Schools

There you have you. There’s more to unlock so check out this application for even more! To learn more about Web Design Cheat Sheet for BlackBerry 10 – visit the developers showcase page in the portfolio section of his website design company’s site or follow the Developer on Twitter – @Flip4Bytes.

Download Web Design Cheat Sheet from BlackBerry World