Alex Bass has recently forged on through long development hours to bring his free application another substantial update. If web development is a trinity Alex has just closed the corner. The new update brings fantastic reference material for HTML5, CSS3, and now Javascript, with over 200 functions that can be seen-detailed and in turn embedded into WDCSs  mobile web editor.

This allows tinkering with code bits or building full websites, incredibly mobile. This app without exception one of the best reference utilities in BlackBerry World. The app model is freemium, which allows you download freely and explore the app before you make the jump into paid, unlockable additions. This allows you to progress at your rate and not be overwhelmed by the vast catalogs of information inside.

IMG_20140205_095648In a way this application has outgrown its name. It’s really not just a cheat sheet anymore. I’ve seen similar apps on iOS and Android but what Alex accomplishes on BB10 is pretty incredible. With use of his curated Site Feeds for inspiration, archives for learning, and editor for testing WDCS becomes THE standout app for BB10 in its category. And the community sees it, for what would seemingly be a niche application for BB10s relatively small user-base the application has seen over 400+ reviews and sits at 5 stars.

In this new addition 2 BBM channels are directly accessible  within the application which makes the engagement factor in the app even greater. Awesome to see developers innovating the UI of their applications and integrating BBM even more profoundly. Imagine how many nonesense reviews he’ll be able to keep off BlackBerry World!? Go download it! It’s free, and nearing the finish line of BlackBerrys Developer $10K Commitment. Every sale helps solidify this standing, get it and support these kick-ass BlackBerry devs that make the BB10 platform thrive.


Here’s all the new goodies within the v3.0 rollout:

JavaScript Section – $1.99

  • Access to Over 220 JavaScript Functions

    • Descriptions

    • Detailed Syntax

    • Parameter Values

    • Return Values

    • JS & HTML Examples

    • Editor & Viewer

  • Fully Functional JS Editor

    • Ability to Toggle Between HTML & JS

    • Remembers Code on Exit

    • Predefined Templates

    • Quick Code Buttons

  • JS Resources Section

    • 14 Chapters from Mozilla Developer Network

    • Quick Links for Useful Tools

    • Quick Links to Team Treehouse Tutorials

  • Quick Links Within Function Pages

    • W3Schools

  • Neatly Organized

    • Functions are Sorted by Categories

    • Quick Access to Filter Between JS Types

  • Color Coded JS Types

    • Properties & Methods Have Designated Colors

    • Know JS Version by Quick Glance



UI/UX Enhancements

  • Icons/Action Icons

    • New CSS3, JavaScript, and Site Feeds Icon.

    • Added “Updates” icon to Home Tab – Opens up the “Web Design Cheat Sheet” BBM Channel which gives sneak peeks and updates.

    • Added “Inspiration” Icon to Site Feeds – Opens up my “Web Design/Development” BBM Channel.

    • Added “Foundation” Icon to HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript Resources – Links to Team Treehouse’s Introduction to HTML/CSS/JavaScript Videos.

    • Changed the “Open In Browser” icon to match the one that BlackBerry World uses for a more consistent cross-app experience.

  • Editor Preview Page

    • Swapped “Share” and “Edit” on the main Action Bar. Many people did not realize how powerful the “Share” feature is within the preview page and were requesting for features that the share button actually includes. The “Share” function on the preview page allows you to share all of the code it took to make the page. You can email it to yourself, save it to the Remember app, etc. I was able to kill two birds with one stone with this modification because now not only is it more accessible, but the “Edit” button was pretty redundant anyway because it’s no different than just swiping backwards or pressing the “Back” button.

  • Settings

    • Added more useful links

    • Settings is reorganized

More information, tips/tricks, and leaks can be found via the App’s Twitter @WDCSApp